Born in 1968 in Queens from a family of Istrian emigrant restaurateurs. From an early age he nourished himself with gastronomy, learning the first rudiments of the sector under the guidance of his father, an ultra-pragmatic restaurateur. After college, in an attempt to emerge from his social status, he began an important career on Wall Street but a year in the world of finance was enough to understand wanting to commit himself to a life devoted to food and wine: he left for a sabbatical year in Italy working in restaurants and cellars drawing on its rich cultural heritage and over time has opened more than twenty restaurants to date.

Since 2011, in collaboration with the Farinetti family, he has brought Eataly, the most impressive Italian enogastronomic market in the world, to United States, starting from New York, Chicago, Boston and more recently Los Angeles, Las Vegas and soon Toronto and Dallas.

To realize his dream at the age of twenty-nine, at the birth of his first daughter Olivia, he decided to buy the vineyards together with his family which today have become the reality of the Bastianich Winery, in Cividale del Friuli.

If he is not busy in his restaurants or developing a new business, Joe spends his free time with his family playing the guitar alongside his wife Deanna and their three children, considered by Joe his greatest achievements.

In addition to several appearances on the small screen both in Italy and in the United States, he is – from 2010 to 2014 and from 2018 to today – the face of the American edition of Masterchef, alongside Gordon Ramsey, and he was it for 4 seasons of Junior Masterchef USA. Joe Bastianich arrives in 2011 also in the Italian edition together with Carlo Cracco and Bruno Barbieri, then Antonino Cannavacciuolo and recently with Antonia Klugmann and Giorgio Locatelli, where he will remain for 8 editions.

In 2014 he launched the new documentary series On the Road, broadcast on Sky Arte HD: a journey, in company of his musician friend Mike Seay, lookin for popular and traditional music of the Regions in Italy. We have also seen him, alongside Giò Sada, in Jack On Tour, the rockumentary that took him on a journey through the most iconic places and sounds, between past and present, of the Tennesse Music Highway and the Big Apple.

In 2014, together with CNBC, he took on the role of executive producer and presenter in the new successful show Restaurant Start Up where young entrepreneurs compete to earn the chance of lifetime. In 2016 we saw him on Italian screens as a presenter, together with the journalist and sports presenter Giudo Meda and the pilot Davide Valsecchi, of the first Italian edition of the format dedicated to engines, Top Gear. Joe is loved as a TV personality for his precise and clear, always simple and ironic comments. This year he participated for the first time at the jury table of Italia’s Got Talent, TV8 talent show conducted by Lodovica Comello, together with Frank Matano, Mara Maionchi and Federica Pellegrini.

Joe Bastianich is also a co-author of successful books on Italian wine and his experience as an entrepreneur. He also recently published two recipe books in pure USA style and personal anecdotes of his adolescence lived in New York in the 70s.