Born in Turin in July 1981, Carolina Vergnano has been in charge of International marketing and export Departments in the company since 2005.

Together with her brother Enrico and her cousin Pietro, Carolina represents the fourth generation of the


Charisma and determination are two distinctive traits that characterize her daily activities in the company.- thanks to these qualities, and her personality, she had been able to create, over the years,  a young and passionate staff.

“I think that working in Caffè Vergnano goes far beyond doing a daily job. I rather think that working in our company is a mixture of sharing passions and aspirations. The ability to think bigger and stay focused on goals making your dreams a common goal for the whole team. This is the reason why it is important to transmit passion and good will day after day”

Carolina is the voice and face of Women in Coffee, Caffè Vergnano charity project developed in collaboration with International Women’s Coffee Alliance. IWCA is an international association aimed at raising funds to support the role of women working in coffee plantations.